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Below is a list of our upcoming engagements.

* Engagements in italics are only provisional awaiting confirmation.

Our Players

These are the main band players.

Musical Director
Laurie Johnston
Principal Cornet
David Henley
Solo Cornet
Jim Fuller
Pauline Bateman
Peter Crawford
Soprano Cornet
Graham Hartley
Repiano Cornet
John Kirby
2nd Cornet
Stuart Bell
3rd Cornet
Heather Milligan
Horns and Flugel Horn
Flugel Horn
Harold Roberts
Solo Horn
Dave Higson
1st Horn
Jane Dewhurst
2nd Horn
Pat Roberts
1st Baritone
Oliver Bateman
2nd Baritone
Nerina Diaz
Solo Euphonium
Ian Honeyman
2nd Euphonium
Katie Priddle
1st Trombone
Peter Gratrix
Alison Moore
2nd Trombone
Mel Jefferies
Bass Trombone
Adam Rawcliffe
Eb Bass
Matthew Beaumont
Carole Standing
Eleanor Knowles
Bb Bass
John Dawson
Martyn Bostock

We are always looking for new players so please get in touch if you are interested in playing.


Burneside Brass are a 4th Section brass band based in the village of Burneside, just out side of Kendal, Cumbria. As well as having the main competing band, we also have a training and learner band.

The main band rehearse every Thursday evening from 7:30pm till 9:30pm at Burneside Cricket Club.

The learner band rehearse every Monday evening from 6:00pm till 6:30pm. The training band then follow this from 6:30pm till 7:30pm. Both rehearsals are in the Burneside Cricket Club.

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    A chance conversation

    In March 1993 the Westmorland Gazette published an article Headed "Bill puts Burneside Band on the road" accompanied by a photograph of Bill Turton and Peter Crawford. The article read: "That was until a mate (Peter) wandered into Burneside Post Office where Bill's wife is postmistress and the two made plans for a village brass band. It didn't matter that around 26 players were needed and that the instruments cost the earth. But in true Last of the Summer wine style, nothing seemed insurmountable." The article ended thus: "Bill and Peter's little scheme might have started as a little joke but the hot air turned into a strong wind just enough to fuel a Brass Band."

  • Trophies


    National registered band

    In July the band unanimously decided to apply to the British Band Registry and register as a national 4th section band. Our first 'registered' contest was at Fleetwood on Sunday 1st October 2000 where we achieved an outstanding 2nd place.

  • Nationals Final Band Photo


    Happy birthday and the National Finals

    In 2013 Burneside Brass celebrated being 20 years old. As per previous years we attended the annual regional brass band contest where we were awarded 2nd place. As part of the prize we were invited to the national finals in Cheltenham in September, this was our first visit to the National finals and was the best 20th birthday present the band could have ever received.

  • Regional Contest 2nd Place trophy


    Here we go again!

    At this years annual regional brass band contest we were awarded 2nd place which includes an invite to the national finals in Cheltenham in September. This is the second time we have qualified for the National finals.

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Contact Us

For further information please contact Stuart Bell on 01539 295 554
or via email at stuartbell1961@hotmail.co.uk