90th Birthday celebration for HRH The Queen

This afternoon a small group of players from Burneside Brass led by John Kirby performed in Ambleside.
We provided the musical entertainment as the Evergreen club held a 90th Birthday celebration for HRH The Queen, there were toasts to The Queen and memories shared by those present of times when they had either seen or meet the Queen.
We began the afternoon with the National Anthem and began our short program with The Kings Own Royal Border Regimental March, Going Home, Pride of the Fair Arr L Johnston, Eternal Father Arr L Johnston and The March to The Front Arr L Johnston.
Whilst the band had a short break those attending the celebration were served with sandwiches, cakes, hot drinks and a celebration drink.
We began the second half with Jerusalem, Pomp and Circumstance, Just a closer, walk Onwards Christian Soldiers, Abide with Me and closed the afternoon with 1914 March.
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