National Brass Band Finals 2013 – Cheltenham

On Saturday 21st September Burneside Brass competed in the 2013 National Brass band finals which were held in Cheltenham.

This was the first time that we had qualified for these finals. Under the direction of our Musical Director Mr Laurie Johnston the band worked extremely hard to prepare for this contest.

At 8.30pm we took to the stage and performed our test piece to the audience and adjudicators. Our performance can be heard on youtube .

After the last band had performed we all gathered to hear what the adjudicators had to say. We were very disappointed with our overall position, however on reflection we worked hard to qualify and just to make the finals is a great achievement.

We did make a mark at Cheltenham and every member of the band, their families and friends should be very proud of what we achieved yesterday.

Thank you for all the good wishes and positive comments before and following the contest these do mean a lot to us.

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