Happy Mount Park 2013

Today Sunday 18 August several players from Burneside Brass joined forces with Lancaster City Brass and performed at Happy Mount park, Morecambe.

Like the majority of the brass bands in the UK, this time of year is difficult with players having family holiday, however due to the good working relationship between the two bands, both bands joined forces and turned out to perform this afternoon,

Under the direction of Laurie Johnston the band performed a variety of brass band music and the crowd enjoyed a mixture of marches, musical selections, film music, polka’s and solo items.

Today was a first and also the end of an era, today saw Isaac Mckenna perform at his first joint concert and even though he was sight reading in public for the first time he did a great job.

This afternoon was also the end of an era, as after being involved in the brass band movement in the Lancaster area for over 18 years Laurie Johnston stood down as the MD of Lancaster City Brass.


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