Whit Friday Marches 2012

Burneside Brass went to perform at the Whit Friday marches held in Saddleworth and Tameside on Friday 1st June 2012.

We left Kendal and the surrounding area just after lunch time and after a brief stop and rehearsal at a service station on the M62 we arrived at Lees just after 4.15, our runner Wendy Higson booked us in and we were the 5th band to play at lees. Our road march was White Chateau and contest march was Ravenswood (as not many bands would be playing this one!) All went well at Lees and we returned to the coach only to find that we were unable to close the doors. The drivers worked hard to find the fault but a fix could not be found. Our own band mechanic went down to assist and our chairman found a local mechanic to help out as well, unfortunately it could not be fixed. So after an hour delay it was decided to move to Delph and get a replacement coach.

Well as anyone who has ever done Whit Friday Marches knows all the villages are so close together we were able to fit in Grotton, Dobcross and finally Delph, before we admitted defeat and had to get a replacement coach or get the one we were on fixed.

We were lucky as the village of Delph has food and drinks outlets so we managed to survive until we were rescued and we also got to see many more bands including Black Dyke Mills band.

We retuned back home to the lakes at 02.00 after a enjoyable if somewhat stressful day at times.

A Great day out and playing experience.

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