Birdcage in Kendal and Rotary Club in Windermere

The Weekend of the 17th and 18th December was another busy one for Burneside Brass, on Saturday we were based at the Birdcage, Finkle Street where we played Christmas Carols for over 4 hours to the many shoppers who were out finishing their Christmas Shopping.

On Sunday 18th December we provided musical support for the Rotary Club of Windermere coffee and carol event at the Hydro Hotel Bowness on Windermere. We played several Christmas carols and four solo items to those gathered there to enjoy this event they were White Christmas, a descriptive piece of music entitled Christmas, the Cornet Trio Buglers Holiday performed by Debbie Caine, Graham Hartley and Dave Higson and the March Christmastime arranged by our MD Mr Laurie Johnston.

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