Ambleside Rushbearing Procession

On Saturday 2nd July Burneside Brass was the musical support for the annual Ambleside Rushbearing procession, the Rushbearing is a festival celebration associated with the ancient custom of annually replacing the rushes on the earth floors of churches and although the church plays a leading role, the Rushbearing in Ambleside is a community event. There are various elements to this traditional event however the band were involved in two parts, the procession and the Church service.

We took part in the rushbearing procession around the village where we played a selection of marches as well as the traditional Ambleside Rushbearing hymn when the procession halted at the market square where those taking part raise their rushes.

Once the procession was completed we joined the people of Ambleside in St Mary’s Church where we once again played the Ambleside Rushbearing Hymn which was written in 1835 by the Revd Owen Lloyd, after the service was over the band were rewarded with traditional ginger cake.

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