Birdcage Kendal Saturday 18th December

After a 12 hour break we were out in the centre of Kendal playing at the Birdcage, however during the night the weather had turned and we woke up to a flurry of snow here in Kendal but for those travelling from Windermere and beyond there was a significant amount to make travel difficult. We are proud to say that Burneside brass played Christmas music to the shoppers of Kendal for 5 hours. There were two outstanding performances of the day Mel Jeffery Solo Trombone played from 10am – 2.30 pm 4 and half hours in total and our money collector Santa Claus was out from 10 am – 3pm. After completing the marathon Christmas music session a small group of players retired to a local public house to warm up with nice cold beer and lager and after a few sips of these warming drinks decided that it would be a good idea to entertain the public in the bar with more festive music and this was warmly received by those present that afternoon.


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