Bowness on Windermere Bandstand

For the second time this summer we performed at the Glebe in Bowness on Windermere and as the evening of 19th August turned out to be a typical British summers evening we were pleased to be able to play under the relative cover of the Bandstand not very far from the Lake.

Despite the light rain we played a varied selection of music to those that had braved the wet weather to come and listen to our late summers evening concert. We opened with the march Death or Glory, we followed this with two movements from the Pennine moors suite, then the Flugel horn Solo Concerto De Aranjuez performed by H Roberts, Pennine way March, Love changes everything, the soundtrack highlights from Pirates of the Caribbean and All through the night were the pieces we played before the bands next solo performance of the evening. David French (Euphonium) performed the Grandfathers clock Air and Variations to those that had braved the weather, continuing the evenings programme with Light as Air Incorporating a whiter shade of pale and Air on a G String, two Salvation Army marches A Bridge and Southall 100 and completing the evening’s entertainment with The Old Gumbie Cat and the New Colonial March.

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