South Cumbria Music Festival

The New Year got off to a busy start as the band began to rehearse for the South Cumbria Music Festival where Burneside Brass was entered into the Brass Band ‘Entertainment’ class and the Open Brass Band Competition. After many weeks of dedicated rehearsals competition day soon arrived.

On the 21st March the band set off for the Coronation Hall in Ulverston where the Music festival was being held. We opened our performance in the ‘Entertainment’ class with the march Death or Glory, followed by the hymn Abide with Me and completed the class with the Overture to Mack and Mable. The Adjudicator then gave his reviews on each bands performance and awarded Burneside Brass 1st Place and presented the band with The J W Latimer Cup

After a short break it was time once again to retake the stage for our performance in the Open Brass Band Competition we began with Pennine moors, followed by the hymn Richmond and concluded our performance with the march The Champions. The Adjudicator came onto the stage to announce the positions of the bands however prior to doing so awarded The James M Fryer Memorial Shield for the best solo in the Brass Band class to the Flugel Horn player from Burneside Brass, following this he announced that Burneside Brass were the 2010 winners of the Open Brass Band Competition and presented the band with the Ulverston Town Band Shield.

The Band closed the proceedings by playing the National Anthem.


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