July – 2008

From reading our previous years pages you may have guessed that the first Saturday in July is Ambleside Rush Bearing and this year is no different. At lunch time the rain was coming down very hard in Kendal but the ladies of Ambleside assured us that it has never rained on the Rush Bearing Parade – before it, after it but never during it so why should this year be any different. How right they were, it dried up long enough to march round Ambleside and only started raining as we queued to enter the church. As ever the event was a lovely sight was a good turn out of people and finally the ginger bread seems to improve year on year. Its the 4th next year when the weather will be fine from 2:30pm till 3:30pm so book it in your plans now.

Sunday 13th takes into Lancashire for our annual trip to Cove House garden party and this year they have choosen an Edwardian theme, the vicar made a splendid effort with his costume – well done. We sat in the sun and played, yes it did shine, had a break while the bingo took place and played some more until we finished. Once again a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Its an early start on Sunday 27th at Windermere for the RAF weekend but a good crowd make it worth the effort. The crowd seemed to enjoy the playing but alas the Red Arrows could not make it this year, lets hope we see them back over Windermere next year.

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