June – 2008

Sunday 8th finds us at St. Thomas’s Church for Party in the Park which I am pleased to say is turning into an annual event, and again the sun shines. There seems to be even more people milling around this year and we have to leave our jackets off as its too hot, is this the beginning of a long hot summer? We play our music as required and help the organisers get their timetable back on schedule by starting slightly late and finishing on time but everyone is in a party mood and enjoying themselves so we don’t worry about time. We’ve already been invited back for next year so we will see you then.

Its 29th and time for the annual trip south to Morecambe and Happy Mount Park. Its a good job it is south as its raining in Kendal when we leave and dry in Morecambe when we arrive. We start playing before the allotted time as the sky is grey and overcast and before we complete the first half of the programme it does start to rain just as David French starts to play his euphonium solo but by he finishes it the rain has stopped so we carry on. A short break, again due to the colour of the sky, and we strike up again as the hardy audience have braved the dark skies and stayed in their seats to listen to the music. By the end of the session the sun has come out, the sky is bright blue and its getting too hot in the jackets. What an afternoon, winter to summer in under two hours, and along the way we tried to entertain the audience with our music.

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