May – 2008

Tuesday 13th finds us in Windermere for a joint concert with the German band from Windermere’s twin town of Diessen and what a great night it was. The concert opened with both bands playing their National Anthems and then together playing the European Anthem. Each band then played their own selection of music before they German band changed into national dress and opened with alpine horn playing before going onto play waltz music. Even the lady major from Diessen joined in and waltzed with one of the band. The final suprise from them came when they formed a choir with only a couple of players backing them and performed a very tuneful yodelling song. It seem a bit of an anticlimax when both bands joined together for the final pieces. The audience gave both bands a standing ovation at the end of the concert, it was a great event to play in and it seemed to be appreciated by the audience.

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