July – 2007

Its the first Saturday in July so it must be time for Ambleside Rush Bearing. It rains (a main feature this year) as we drive into the lakes but it stays dry and actually gets quite warm as we play on the march. A large crowd was gathered in the centre of Ambleside and the rushes make a wonderful display. We continue playing onto the church and eventually take our place at the back to play the Rush Bearing hymn but in a change to tradition we start with All Things Bright and Beautiful so we get the chance to sing, maybe we should stick to playing apart from the one or two actual singers among us. We play the hymn, the ginger bread cake is wonderful and we leave promising to return the same time next year, see you then.

On Sunday 15th we made our way to a new venue for us, Rydal Hall, and play during the official ceremony for the re-opening of the refurbished gardens. There are some black clouds about but it never rains on Burneside Brass. Well we did get a light shower but it didn’t put us off we carried on and finished our programme. It was a shame in the surroundings, a lovely setting with a lot of potential for future playing, but it had to happen some time this summer but we wont be put off as we play outside again next weekend.

July 22nd – Well here we go again to the lovely setting of Cove House in Silverdale for the annual garden party and a UFO has been spotted in the sky – yes the sun is out! We set up in the garden and everything is great, then we sit down and the chairs sink down into the ground. The grass is that wet the chair legs keep going down until eventually our knees are above our waists, every time you move the chair the same happens so we just carry on. We played in three sessions sharing the entertainment with a line dancing team. It seemed to be a great afternoon with plenty of people sitting on the grass listening and watching though they must have been a bit damp when they stood up. With the sun out and a good crowd at a garden party on a Sunday afternoon it must be the start of the summer even though its towards the end of July.

Well what a weekend in July the last one turned out to be at the Windermere Air Show, for the first time in a while we had two consecutive nice days. The crowds came out in force and in between the various flying displays over the two afternoons we played in the Glebe bandstand. Its a wonderful setting on a busy day and on the Air Show weekend, there just feels to be a buzz around the place with so many nationalities represented. It was a pleasure to take part in the event which includes some spectacular views of the planes against the back drop of the surrounding scenery. We had a great weekend and our small tribute was to play those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines as the Red Arrows made a final fly pass, lets hope we get invited back if the event is on again next year.

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