Liverpool V Burneside!

After a quiet start to the year we start off by entering the South Cumbria Music Festival at Ulverston in April. We played in the evening class and played four pieces. Further details to follow due to authors holidays.

Saturday 21st April and we are off to provide some entertainment for the 70+ pensioners enjoying an afternoon feast in the village hall at Staveley. The band was very well looked after by the caterers at Staveley, it was a shame to leave the cakes after a very nice salad and go and play the second half of the concert but the best was yet to come – the trifle. At the end of the show the sherry trifle was delicious and many a second helping was lapped up. We may need to take some exercise before our next engagement to make sure the jackets will still fasten. Well done to all the hard workers at Staveley who organised a great party.

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