May – 2006

It’s the 14th and we play our first outdoor event of the “summer” at Holgates Caravan Park open day. It seemed to be a very popular and well planned event the problem was it started to rain as we arrived and just seemed to get worse. As I said it was well organised and there was a marquee set up with attractions and room for the band just in case. On the bright side it did give us a bit of a captive audience. Nobody seemed to be put off by the rain and plenty of things still happened so thank you to all who braved the wet to come into the tent and listen.

Moving onto 28th and we open the summer season in Morecambe’s Happy Mount Park. The weather stayed dry even if it was a bit windy and the sun shone a little. The audience, some well wrapped up and other catching the sun, sat around on benches and deckchairs to listen as the grass was a bit damp to sit on. The programme seemed to be well recieved and it gave us the chance to experience outdoor playing again. We must also say a big thank you to one or two guest players from Morecambe band who helped out covering some of our players who couldn’t make it.

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